QME Building
    Number of employees
    30 Full time, 3 part Time
    Avg. Seniority 11.6 YRS

    Manufacturing & Office
    Space 30,000 Square Feet
    Business Established in 1979

    Aluminum, Zinc &
    Magnesium molds
    up to 20,000 lbs

    Quality System Registered:
    ISO 9001: 2015
    16-OCT 2019

Quality Mold plans to continue to grow, both in knowledge and equipment. We plan to increase our efficiencies and providing our current customers with continued excellent tooling and service.

We plan on continuing to purchase and upgrade our equipment to provide us with the latest technologies available while staying competitive. QME has an active apprenticeship training program to help keep up with increasing labor demands.
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  QME: P.O. Box 285-9070 First Street, Baroda, Michigan 49101